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Shop until you drop!

Snowy Saturdays = Mother-daughter bonding time!

E & A

I’m a lucky girl. Not only do I get to test drive the Chevy Cruze for the entire month, my mom is my best friend (I know, that’s cheesy, but it’s true). We needed to knock out some Christmas shopping so we headed up to Crocker Park in Westlake. Groceries, gifts, gabbing…we did it all.

The Cruze’s trunk was gigantic. We spilt sides, my mom got the left, I got the right (plus some :P).

Check out our video!

Trunk space in the Chevy Cruze from Alana Munro on Vimeo.


One might think you need an SUV to carry all the goodies we purchased at Crocker Park (Giant Eagle, DSWThe GapBanana Republic,Francesca’sTrader Joe’s), however the trunk in the Cruze offered more than enough space for our shopping spree!

A magnificent girlfriend getaway!

*Don’t mind the horrible Vimeo screen cap on the video!


A John Deere and power blowers – who am I?

Saturday was the epitome of productivity in our household. Not only did we get rid of every leaf on the property (OK, maybe not every single one), we the guys started tiling the shower! Tacking the pool of leaves in the front and back yards has been on the bottom of our to-do list. Not only have renovations taken front seat, but we are limited to sunny hours to get outside to rake (thanks, day light savings time!).

Knowing we had quite the task in front of us, one of our loving family friends lent us this bad @ss for the weekend:

THE ultimate tractor.

This bad boy saved us (I’m guessing) 5 hours of work. All Dean had to do was drive over the leaves and voila! The John Deere turned the leaves into mulch. I was so thankful to not spend my entire day raking!

While Dean was whizzing around the neighborhood on the John Deere (he was giddy on this thing), I got to play with power tools (or a blower ;))!

This was fun.

Now our yard is freshly primped and Cabela isn’t sniffing around searching for actual grass to do her business on!

Much better


I think we might have to steal this incredible machine each fall!

Raking happens to be up there with vacuuming…I HATE those chores. I did learn though that using a backpack blower is fun! What chores do you loathe?

Weddinged Out!

This past Friday marked our last wedding of the year. We always have a blast at weddings, but I have to admit I am happy to put my dancin’ shoes away for the rest of the season! This year we had more fall weddings than summer, do I sense a trend?

The ceremony was a quick one at Windows on the River, followed by delicious food, too many cocktails and plenty of dancing!

J & A

A & D

The party continued (completely necessary!) following the wedding at the Barley House. Surprisingly, I could function Saturday because I cleaned the entire house before having QT on our patio with my dear friends! A Lady Gaga party may or may not have ensued.

Since we didn’t get tickets to the Browns game on Sunday (my heart still hurts over this one), we changed things up and avoided the Pit at all costs and chose to attend a house party. I’m glad we did! Look at the projection TV! By my Foursqaure observations, it seemed like lots of Browns fans migrated to the Muni Lot Sunday. We sure showed them, suckers! 😉

Anyone notice how much time ESPN spent on the game and the story of Rex and Ryan?

I think it’s safe to say Braylon Edwards is the #2 most hated athlete in Cleveland, so I did my due diligence as a fan…

Butterfinger anyone?

Also, if you see this Browns fan wandering around your neighborhood, RUN!! 🙂

I am really looking forward to a relaxing week, I wonder if that will really happen…

A Browns win and the Pit fail

How incredible does it feel to be a Browns fan today?! Not only did we beat the defending Super Bowl champs two weeks ago, we shut down Tom Brady and the Pats on Sunday! Monday mornings are almost enjoyable after the past two inspiring W’s – I love my Brownies!

There was one thing that almost ruined my Sunday (almost!) though. As we walked towards the W. 9th entrance of the Pit, we we’re rudely told we needed to pony up $5 a person for the ‘pedestrian fee.’ I told the attendant that we were just ‘walking through’ (which was a lie :P). He said he didn’t care and we needed to pay. Well, we didn’t have any cash (and I had Cabela). So the BF had to run to Constantino’s so we could meet up with our friends that we’re already set up in the Pit.

I knew this was an issue a month ago. It was covered by The Plain Dealer, 19 Action news and a plethora of local bloggers. What was the headline on October 6? ‘Downtown Cleveland parking lot ceases to charge for walk-through.’ Well, that wasn’t the case.

What really angers me about this insane policy is how incredibly rude the parking attendants were. I am well aware of the fact that they have to deal with drunk and angry passersby all morning, but having a major chip on your shoulder will only make those people heckle you more. It’s not about the money. $5 is the least of my worries when I am tailgating because it’s definitely not a cheap hobby. Not only are they charging pedestrians to tailgate in their parking lot, they are not allowing cars to use vacant spots without paying an outrageous $30 car fee and they are also blocking off gigantic areas of concrete that could be the perfect play zone for the partiers. And come on, you know they are pocketing some of this cash. There is no way in Hell you can monitor the pedestrians in the lot.

We bit the bullet and paid the fee. We had a great time, but I will absolutely be rethinking my pre-game routine this Sunday.

Will you go back to the Pit?

Cabela's tailgating debut in 2009.

Cabela loves the attention she gets at the Pit!

Network parking, you blow.

Cleveland Metroparks: A true gem

Sometimes I think we (us Clevelanders) forget what an amazing city we live in. Sure, the snow can suck with a capital S, but we’re on the lake, we have beautiful rivers and (some!) waterfalls, breathtaking scenery in the fall and the Cleveland Metroparks (among a sleuth of other things)!

We love taking the pooch to the Rocky River Reservation branch of the Metroparks once summer is only a memory. She can run up the hills, splash in the river and sniff as many other dogs as her little heart desires! Maybe we are supposed to keep her on the leash while we’re there, but finding a remote area with no other walkers, runners or hikers lends us to bend the rules a bit. 😛

Last year Cabela was only 4 months (or so) old when we took her to the Metroparks. She absolutely loved it. She was horribly a bit timid around the water though.

My pup!

You're a can do it!

A fall trip to the Metroparks should be on everyone’s to-do list, even if you’re not the ‘outdoorsy’ type. The leaves, the trees, the running river…it’s all breathtaking.

Fall 2009

Fall 2010 (much better camera? hehe)

Over the past year, Cabela realized she was a water dog (it took longer than anticipated) so this year she was splish-splahin’ around – all while making me nervous by the running water…

And sprinting through the trails…

'hi!' and 'bye!'

Sorry, I may have the cutest black lab of all time.

As if this dog wasn’t tired enough, it was off to the Lakewood Dog Park (which is near the Lakewood entrance of the Rocky River Metroparks) for some more butt-sniffing exercise!


What are your favorite things about Cleveland in the fall? I can name a few…Christmas Ale may or may not be at the top of my list! 🙂

Procrastination at its finest!

A few weeks ago we were invited to a friend’s Halloween party. I avoided getting a costume together at all costs. I too busy prepping for this to spend some QT crafting an outfit!

Well, 8 pm rolled around and it was time to party. In a weak attempt to be festive, I decided to be Joel (Tom Cruise) from Risky Business. The BF was a ‘break dancer.’

Break dancing...(note the REAL bear skin rug)

The hosts put on a fab party and pulled off an amazing Dog the Bounty Hunter and Beth…

Dog and Beth: The host and hostess

Of course Jersey Shore was one of this year’s hot costumes. The Snooki at our party was in character all night and it was hilarious! ‘It’s t-shiiirrrrt time!’

In the end, I had a great time but wish I would have pulled something off more like this from 2 years ago…

'I kiiiiiiiick and I strreeeeeeeetch!'

How was your Halloweenie weekend?? 😛

Trick or Treat!

Happy halloween bloggies!!

Cabela had a busy Halloween morning in the metroparks!

Now it’s t-shirt time! I mean costume time 🙂

Did you dress up? I ended up putting something together last minute…fill ya in tomorrow!