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A cute pup!

I recently created a Vimeo account and was playing around with some old puppy videos. Look at this cute lil booger of mine! Puppies = instant smiles.

Cabela: The young months! from Alana Munro on Vimeo.

Might not be the best quality, but put a smile on my face and hope it puts on one yours! Puppies can Continue reading


Cleveland Metroparks: A true gem

Sometimes I think we (us Clevelanders) forget what an amazing city we live in. Sure, the snow can suck with a capital S, but we’re on the lake, we have beautiful rivers and (some!) waterfalls, breathtaking scenery in the fall and the Cleveland Metroparks (among a sleuth of other things)!

We love taking the pooch to the Rocky River Reservation branch of the Metroparks once summer is only a memory. She can run up the hills, splash in the river and sniff as many other dogs as her little heart desires! Maybe we are supposed to keep her on the leash while we’re there, but finding a remote area with no other walkers, runners or hikers lends us to bend the rules a bit. πŸ˜›

Last year Cabela was only 4 months (or so) old when we took her to the Metroparks. She absolutely loved it. She was horribly a bit timid around the water though.

My pup!

You're a can do it!

A fall trip to the Metroparks should be on everyone’s to-do list, even if you’re not the ‘outdoorsy’ type. The leaves, the trees, the running river…it’s all breathtaking.

Fall 2009

Fall 2010 (much better camera? hehe)

Over the past year, Cabela realized she was a water dog (it took longer than anticipated) so this year she was splish-splahin’ around – all while making me nervous by the running water…

And sprinting through the trails…

'hi!' and 'bye!'

Sorry, I may have the cutest black lab of all time.

As if this dog wasn’t tired enough, it was off to the Lakewood Dog Park (which is near the Lakewood entrance of the Rocky River Metroparks) for some more butt-sniffing exercise!


What are your favorite things about Cleveland in the fall? I can name a few…Christmas Ale may or may not be at the top of my list! πŸ™‚

It’s a jungle out there!

Seeing a deer in our neighborhood is almost a daily occurrence. All summer they minded their own business and noshed away at the bushes that lined the back of the yard. They stayed away from our garden, tomato & pepper plants and other foliage around the patio. It was probably because of our killer dog (hehe).

This, I can deal with.

As the weather began to change, so did our overpopulated friend. Now they feel comfortable to hang by the fire pit and just chill in the yard. Meanwhile, of course, our killer dog freaks out in the house. At first I forbid her to go outside and chase the gigantic deer. That was until they nibbled on our tomato plant. Game over, Bambi.

We have tended religiously to those plants and the green fruits are finally turning red! It was on. Cabela vs. the entire deer population. Each day I tried to record this battle but it was either too dark outside or my Flip Cam was not at home. I am proud to say Cabela won. She would bolt out of the yard, fur standing on end and bark those deer back to the woods. I was a proud mom when this happened because she only protected the perimeter of our yard!

Go away! (AP Photo)

Deer aren’t the only thing we have to worry about though. Our next door neighbor has warned me that he has seen a coyote all summer. I saw (hopefully) the same coyote as I pulled off I-90 one day. Talk about an ugly, scrappy looking animal. I can only hope that this guy stays our of our backyard because our killer may not be so tough anymore.

More recently, we have been seeing red foxes everywhere! Within five minutes on Friday, we saw two red foxes within a mile or so of our house.

Sorry, you are not cute.

The deer never really bothered me, they have become part of the neighborhood! The coyote and foxes on the other hand make me a tad uneasy. Mostly the coyote. Go back to where you came from (unless that happened to be our backyard!).

Do you see a lot of wildlife in your ‘hood?

Friday fun

HAPPY FRIDAY! Even though I worked a short week (what up, Columbus Day!), this week was a draggin’ along. I am so looking forward to a relaxing weekend!

So I realize I haven’t been blogging on a regular basis. I’ve been giving the blog some thought and I need to remember why I started this blog and give The Dawg’s Dish the focus I believe it deserves! SMH at myself – life may be hectic, but there is always time to make some quality internet scribbles!

In the meantime, take a look at who runs the show in our house…

Have a fab weekend and be sure to drink lots of beer – it is the first day of Cleveland Beer Week after all!

Question of the day: Do you let you pets sleep in bed with you or on top of the furniture?? Guilty as charged…

I shook that weight!

A few months back I asked my tweeps if I was the only person who was intrigued by the Shake Weight. I have HLN (headline news) on my work television all day and the infomercial was played roughly 20 times a day. I just couldn’t get away from it!

About 8 of my twitter friends (all gals if my memory serves me right) said they were most definitely interested in the handheld weight.

I’m sure you are well aware of what the Shake Weight is, after all you can purchase it at Target, CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, etc., but if you’ve been living under a rock check out this hilarious SNL shake weight spoof:

I decided to take one for the twitter team and head to Target after work to pick up the $19.99 product. After all, I felt I owed it to all my followers who were just as curious as I was!

The BF thought I was nuts when he saw my recent purchase. Not only did he poke fun at me, but he couldn’t help but think the motion was a tad inappropriate. Note: This exercise is best done in the privacy of your own home!

So, what did I think of the Shake Weight? It’s actually a pretty clever idea. You only need to shake the 2.5-pound weight for six minutes a day to tone your biceps, triceps, shoulders and chest. I tried to use the shake weight daily, but since I lift weights at the gym and in Group Power (this cool chic teaches!) classes, I averaged 4-5 times a week.

My normal routine would be to run 4-5 miles then come home, stretch and shake the weight on the back patio for 6 minutes while my dog tried to figure out what the Hell I was doing. I didn’t notice much change in my arms after two months, but I wouldn’t discount the infomercial ware. If you loathe lifting weights and tend to not make it to the gym much, this product will work! I beleive it is targeted at women who are looking to begin an arm workout regiment.

Have I continued using the product? Yes, until the BF found it in two pieces in the backyard. WTF. Since I used it on the patio, I usually left it outside on our patio furniture. How did it get to the backyard and end up in two pieces? I have a theory that doesn’t involve Cabela taking it there and chewing it up – a) there are no bite marks anywhere, b) she never played with the weight in the first place and c) I don’t think she is strong enough to break the Shake Weight!

I am no conspiracy theorist, however I have my thoughts on this. I won’t be shelling out another $20 but I would still use it if it were in one healthy piece!

Have you ever bought something after seeing it on an informercial?

This one is for Bernie

This is a sad post. There’s no way around it. However, I feel I should share this story for a few reasons: I freaking love dogs, you need to be careful when picking a breeder or rescue shelter and sometimes crying it out is the only way to move on.

In the summer of 2009, the BF and I were seriously considering getting a dog. Most of my free time was spent on I flooded Dean’s inbox with links, listings and photos of huggable puppies. I knew what I wanted and I was bound to make it happen before the end of the summer… I was rescuing a puppy. I was not going to a breeder. I wanted to save a dog’s life and do the ‘right’ thing.

One rainy Saturday morning Dean said he would go look at the puppy that I sent him the day before. I was ELATED. We went out to Elyria’s Midway Mall (red flag #1). We we’re weirded out going into the mall to see rescue pups but after a little research we learned this store used to be a puppy mill and now it’s a pet store/rescue shelter.

The pooch we went to see was already snagged up. The lady working asked what we we’re interested in and let us come into the back room with her. OH MY GAAWWWWD – there was a litter of 8 or so puppies that were the cutest little boogers alive.

The 6-week old mutts were brought to the store by a mother whose son was selling the dogs for drug money. 😦 Most of them were bouncing off the wall except the puppy we fell in love with (red flag #2). Enter Bernie. He sauntered over to us, begging for me to pick him up!

Bernie, Bernie!

Side note: Ever since my love for the Browns reached an abnormal level, I knew my first dog’s name would be Bernie! We named our family dog Ozzie (Newsome to me, Osbourne to the rest of the fam).

This was the dog. Bernie was the one I would go on runs with, play fetch in the back yard with, swim in the lake with, yell at when he chews my stilletos…you get the picture.

Since he was only 6 weeks old, we had to wait a week and a half until we could take him home (no matter how badly I begged and pleaded with the workers). It was difficult but not as difficult as what happened a week later.

Of course I had to drag Dean out to Elyria to visit Bernie every chance we had – which was 3 times. I spent $20 on an engraved Cleveland Browns dog collar that had the pups full name and address. We stocked up on food, treats, toys and puppy-proofed the house. We we’re already spoiling this dog and he wasn’t even home yet.

Bernie napping on his dad's lap.

Embraced in our arms, Bernie was a happy dog. We showered him with kisses and belly scratches. You could tell Bernie was the odd-sibling out. He just didn’t wanna play rough with his brothers and sisters. The store owner said this was the dog that would want to please us but wouldn’t attack a robber – sounded perfect!

On our last visit I was told I wasn’t allowed to see my puppy. He was sick and quarantined. I couldn’t speak…Dean read my mind and told the woman that we would see our dog. After some back and forth BS, we were allowed to see Bernie for 5 minutes but not allowed to put him on the floor.

When I saw Bernie I knew he was tremendously sick. He lost at least 2 pounds. For a 7 pound animal it was disheartening. The lump in my throat grew and I was speechless. I wrapped the puppy up in my arms and when he was ripped away, I demanded I take the dog to the vet immediately. The woman insisted that Bernie had an appointment first thing on Monday morning. It was Saturday at noon. This was unacceptable. I said I was walking out the door with my dog and she threatened to call the police. Clearly I didn’t want to spend the rest of the weekend in the slammer. We headed home with not one word exchanged on the 45 minute drive.

A happy Bernie...

Once we got home, I buried my face in the couch pillows and started bawling uncontrollably. I was a blubbering mess. MESS. Tears soaked the pillows, makeup ran and hiccups ensued. It was not pretty. I knew Bernie wasn’t going to make it until Monday. Dean insisted he would be fine…call it a mother’s instinct, but I knew differently. It took me hours to compose myself.

Monday morning rolls around and I received a phone call from a number I didn’t recognize. Before I picked it up, I knew the heartbreaking news that would be on the other end. The news I was expecting all weekend. Bernie didn’t make it. His pneumonia was too much for the frail dog. I wasn’t even told he had pneumonia. I got my money back and was offered to take one of his siblings (yeah effing right). I barely cried after this phone call – I had already grieved Saturday.

I could barely concentrate so I sorrowfully left work and explained everything to Dean. He wasn’t satisfied with the vague explanation I had recieved. He dug deeper and learned Bernie didn’t even make it to the vet. He didn’t even make it to Sunday. Bernie passed away sometime after we left on Saturday. Why hadn’t I gotten a phone call before Monday morning?? Could Bernie have been saved if I did run him to the vet?? These questions rattled my brain, but I knew I couldn’t blame myself. We gave Bernie love for an entire week…we pampered him with affection and that’s what I needed to remember.

Dean pretending to be mad because he knew this dog would be soon be ours.

I realize this happens every day and I can’t fully blame the pet store. Bernie was a weak dog but he wasn’t the runt. We kept telling ourselves everything happens for a reason and Bernie was in a better place. I wanted to forget about the experience but the questions started pouring in from everyone: Will you get another puppy or will you guys wait? Will your next dog be named Bernie? How are you going to pick out another dog? Do you think Bernie would have made it if he made it to see the vet?

I knew the only way I could move on was to get a dog in our house, we we’re ready after all. Looking at puppy treats and empty food dishes would just deepen the pain.

On Tuesday, Dean told me to skip the gym and come home straight after work. I knew what that meant – we would be looking at another dog. I later found out that he had spent the entire day on the phone and internet researching puppies available in the area. Everything does happen for a reason. This was the reason……


Cabela meets Ozzie, her cousin!

Cabela is even a boater like her mom and dad!

Like I said, this is a sad post…but everything did work out. Maybe one day Cabela will get a friend and I’ll be ready to name him Bernie (anyone have any pug puppies for sale?? ;))

Some may say I am over dramatic and it was just a dog but losing an animal can be just as hard as losing a loved one 😦

We miss you Bernie.

Too crazy?

Last year I thought it was ‘cute’ to dress the puppy up in a Halloween costume. I absolutely caught flack from everyone (parents, BF, etc.). Will I officially be a bat-sh*t crazy dog lady if I dress her up this year? She is only 1 after all, that’s like 7 in people years!

Cabela, the bumble bee, and her cousin, Peper!

Cabela wants some candy, too.

After enduring the costume, Cabela got her Halloween treat.

The kids in the neighborhood loved the costume, but she was still a puppy. Do you do anything fun/crazy for Halloween (ie.: dress your pets up)? Would appreciate some input on the dog costume, too!

Enjoy the weekend and the awesome weather! GO BROWNS!!!!!