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Shop until you drop!

Snowy Saturdays = Mother-daughter bonding time!

E & A

I’m a lucky girl. Not only do I get to test drive the Chevy Cruze for the entire month, my mom is my best friend (I know, that’s cheesy, but it’s true). We needed to knock out some Christmas shopping so we headed up to Crocker Park in Westlake. Groceries, gifts, gabbing…we did it all.

The Cruze’s trunk was gigantic. We spilt sides, my mom got the left, I got the right (plus some :P).

Check out our video!

Trunk space in the Chevy Cruze from Alana Munro on Vimeo.


One might think you need an SUV to carry all the goodies we purchased at Crocker Park (Giant Eagle, DSWThe GapBanana Republic,Francesca’sTrader Joe’s), however the trunk in the Cruze offered more than enough space for our shopping spree!

A magnificent girlfriend getaway!

*Don’t mind the horrible Vimeo screen cap on the video!


I love being a Cleveland fan

National media has had their eyes on Cleveland all week. Why? Because some basketball player broke our hearts up and down the streets of Cleveland and the shatters were heard all across the country on July 8, 2010. It may sound a bit dramatic to so many people…

Why are we so hung up on one player? It’s just a game, right? There are bigger things in life to worry about. Life goes on.

Really, it doesn’t in the land of no titles won since 1964, aka Cleveland, Ohio. LeYouKnowWho played with our emotions in the most vulnerable time possible. This city supported, catered, cheered and loved this man for so many years. From high school to rookie year to the elbow, we stood behind who we once throned ‘The King.’

Cavaliers fans react to LeBron James the day after 'The Decision.'

I don’t want to beat a dead horse here. This issue has been covered on that 4-letter sports monster as well as on many of my favorite local blogs: Waitingfornextyear and ClevelandFrowns.

Trepidation. Excitement. Fear. Disgust. Sadness.

These are all words that I think of when I think of Thursday nights’ Cavs-Heat game. I never wanted to see LeBron wearing another jersey besides one that adorned a Cavs logo. Why did he have to not only backstab his teammates but an entire city and fans far and near? As I have faith in the people of the city I love, I also have a bit of fear. I’m aware there are fans out there that will do things that will cast a black cloud over the city tonight. It’s bound to happen. Let’s just hope the national media doesn’t dwell on one or two, or ten, immature instances and paint the entire city hateful, juvinile, moronic.

In the end, remember that LeBron was not the answer. He was a false prophet. Some even call him the ‘Whore of Akron’ :P. And karma’s a bitch.

Go Cavs, kick some backstabbin’ ass tonight! And, I love being a Cleveland fan. I wholeheartedly believe our inevitable highs will soften the pain of all the lows we’ve endured over the years.

I’m a December Chevy Cruze Girl!

Earlier this week I mentioned some exciting news…

Well…Little ol’ me was contacted by Chevy last month and asked if I’d be interested in being one of three Chevy girls for the month of December! Um, duh! Not only do I get to be in the first round of girls to drive the 2011 (brand new!) Chevy Cruze, I also get to partake in weekly missions in the sweet ride! I. Can’t. Wait.

The two other girls that will be riding around in style in the Chevy Cruze this month are Alicia at Poise in Parma and Katie at the Healthy Heddelston. This month’s theme is Girlfriend Getaway….yes, please!

Business cards = legit.

Don't mind our awesome countertops and wall! Renovations :/

We’ll be posting blogs and videos about our adventures on our individual blogs as well as on the Gotta Love Chevy NEO site. Or you can check us out on Twitter: @chevyohio and #chevygirls or ‘like’ the Facebook Group.

Rest assured, my blog won’t turn into Chevy central. However, you will see a few updates each week about the Cruze! Happy December!

Full disclosure: The Girls On The Go campaign is being sponsored by NEO Chevy dealers who gave selected bloggers a 2010 Chevy Cruze to test drive for one month and blog about our experiences using the vehicle. Girlfriend Getaway has given us some fun projects to do and will be providing us with gift cards to allow us to complete the missions. All opinions are my own.

Snolympics: The best kind of Snow Day

Tuesday I was lucky enough to be invited to the Indians Snow Days Media Day. Not only could I tube down the Batterhorn, skate around the Frozen Mile and frolic in the fake snow, I participated in the Cleveland Snolympics!

Basically all the Cleveland media outlets (TV, radio & internet) competed in a 4-legged race! It was a tad disorganized, but it was meant to be fun. After my coworker slid down the Batterhorn, I ran a 20 yard dash (in boots mind you) and then 2 other ice skated their way to the finish line.

The TV guys were quite competitive.

The Batterhorn. This was went faster than you'd think.

Onion, my boss, ketchup, you know who, mustard & Julie!

This is such a creative idea at Progressive Field, I feel so fortunate to have gotten a sneak peak. If you have kids, take them, they will love it! Even if you don’t have kids, this provides some adult fun, too! They have typical ballpark fare along with healthier options such as salads and turkey sandwiches. Beer is also available for purchase 🙂

General Admission: $5 (Provides access to Slider’s Snow Mountain, Winter Haven, Food/Beverage and all other Indians Snow Days activities with the exception of snow tubing and ice skating)
Frozen Mile (Ice Skating): $10 (Unlimited ice skating, including skate rental and General Admission access)
Batterhorn (Snow Tubing), presented by RTA: $20 (Two hour Batterhorn session and General Admission access)
Batterhorn/Frozen Mile Combo: $25 (Two hour Batterhorn session, unlimited Frozen Mile access including skate rental and General Admission access)
Family Pack: $100 (Two Adults and Two Children can enjoy a two hour Batterhorn session, unlimited Frozen Mile access including skate rental, General Admission and Food/Beverage credit)
***Please note- Children under three years old are free but not permitted on the Batterhorn.

Tip: Make sure you dress appropriately! I pulled a major ameatuer move by not bundling up. When I left the house Tuesday morning it was 58 degrees! Regardless of the outside temp, the snow and ice absolutely cool down Progressive Field. Pack mittens, scarves and hats!

Want to take a ride down the Batterhorn? Join me 😛 (Don’t mind the horrible camera angles, my thumb and my boots!)

The best detox around

After a long weekend of imbibing a few too many glasses of wine or indulging a bit too much on the football buffett, I always need a great workout to get myself back in gear. While lifting weights or going for a jog is always good for the soul, I know how to drain the toxins out of my pores!

60 minutes on one of these suckers…

It might not always be enjoyable, but holy sweat! I try to get in one to two spin classes a week at Fitworks. Our branch just got some new bikes, too!

It’s always nice to get a kick start to getting back on the ‘healthy track’ by sweating out all the weekend’s poison! How do you ‘detox’ after a long weekend?

A Browns win and the Pit fail

How incredible does it feel to be a Browns fan today?! Not only did we beat the defending Super Bowl champs two weeks ago, we shut down Tom Brady and the Pats on Sunday! Monday mornings are almost enjoyable after the past two inspiring W’s – I love my Brownies!

There was one thing that almost ruined my Sunday (almost!) though. As we walked towards the W. 9th entrance of the Pit, we we’re rudely told we needed to pony up $5 a person for the ‘pedestrian fee.’ I told the attendant that we were just ‘walking through’ (which was a lie :P). He said he didn’t care and we needed to pay. Well, we didn’t have any cash (and I had Cabela). So the BF had to run to Constantino’s so we could meet up with our friends that we’re already set up in the Pit.

I knew this was an issue a month ago. It was covered by The Plain Dealer, 19 Action news and a plethora of local bloggers. What was the headline on October 6? ‘Downtown Cleveland parking lot ceases to charge for walk-through.’ Well, that wasn’t the case.

What really angers me about this insane policy is how incredibly rude the parking attendants were. I am well aware of the fact that they have to deal with drunk and angry passersby all morning, but having a major chip on your shoulder will only make those people heckle you more. It’s not about the money. $5 is the least of my worries when I am tailgating because it’s definitely not a cheap hobby. Not only are they charging pedestrians to tailgate in their parking lot, they are not allowing cars to use vacant spots without paying an outrageous $30 car fee and they are also blocking off gigantic areas of concrete that could be the perfect play zone for the partiers. And come on, you know they are pocketing some of this cash. There is no way in Hell you can monitor the pedestrians in the lot.

We bit the bullet and paid the fee. We had a great time, but I will absolutely be rethinking my pre-game routine this Sunday.

Will you go back to the Pit?

Cabela's tailgating debut in 2009.

Cabela loves the attention she gets at the Pit!

Network parking, you blow.

Cleveland Metroparks: A true gem

Sometimes I think we (us Clevelanders) forget what an amazing city we live in. Sure, the snow can suck with a capital S, but we’re on the lake, we have beautiful rivers and (some!) waterfalls, breathtaking scenery in the fall and the Cleveland Metroparks (among a sleuth of other things)!

We love taking the pooch to the Rocky River Reservation branch of the Metroparks once summer is only a memory. She can run up the hills, splash in the river and sniff as many other dogs as her little heart desires! Maybe we are supposed to keep her on the leash while we’re there, but finding a remote area with no other walkers, runners or hikers lends us to bend the rules a bit. 😛

Last year Cabela was only 4 months (or so) old when we took her to the Metroparks. She absolutely loved it. She was horribly a bit timid around the water though.

My pup!

You're a can do it!

A fall trip to the Metroparks should be on everyone’s to-do list, even if you’re not the ‘outdoorsy’ type. The leaves, the trees, the running river…it’s all breathtaking.

Fall 2009

Fall 2010 (much better camera? hehe)

Over the past year, Cabela realized she was a water dog (it took longer than anticipated) so this year she was splish-splahin’ around – all while making me nervous by the running water…

And sprinting through the trails…

'hi!' and 'bye!'

Sorry, I may have the cutest black lab of all time.

As if this dog wasn’t tired enough, it was off to the Lakewood Dog Park (which is near the Lakewood entrance of the Rocky River Metroparks) for some more butt-sniffing exercise!


What are your favorite things about Cleveland in the fall? I can name a few…Christmas Ale may or may not be at the top of my list! 🙂