A John Deere and power blowers – who am I?

Saturday was the epitome of productivity in our household. Not only did we get rid of every leaf on the property (OK, maybe not every single one), we the guys started tiling the shower! Tacking the pool of leaves in the front and back yards has been on the bottom of our to-do list. Not only have renovations taken front seat, but we are limited to sunny hours to get outside to rake (thanks, day light savings time!).

Knowing we had quite the task in front of us, one of our loving family friends lent us this bad @ss for the weekend:

THE ultimate tractor.

This bad boy saved us (I’m guessing) 5 hours of work. All Dean had to do was drive over the leaves and voila! The John Deere turned the leaves into mulch. I was so thankful to not spend my entire day raking!

While Dean was whizzing around the neighborhood on the John Deere (he was giddy on this thing), I got to play with power tools (or a blower ;))!

This was fun.

Now our yard is freshly primped and Cabela isn’t sniffing around searching for actual grass to do her business on!

Much better


I think we might have to steal this incredible machine each fall!

Raking happens to be up there with vacuuming…I HATE those chores. I did learn though that using a backpack blower is fun! What chores do you loathe?


3 responses to “A John Deere and power blowers – who am I?

  1. Cleaning, of any kind. UGH!!!

  2. Dean is a lucky man (and you can tell him I said that!). I never help with the outside work – yuck! πŸ™‚

  3. that is a lot of leaves.

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