The best detox around

After a long weekend of imbibing a few too many glasses of wine or indulging a bit too much on the football buffett, I always need a great workout to get myself back in gear. While lifting weights or going for a jog is always good for the soul, I know how to drain the toxins out of my pores!

60 minutes on one of these suckers…

It might not always be enjoyable, but holy sweat! I try to get in one to two spin classes a week at Fitworks. Our branch just got some new bikes, too!

It’s always nice to get a kick start to getting back on the ‘healthy track’ by sweating out all the weekend’s poison! How do you ‘detox’ after a long weekend?


6 responses to “The best detox around

  1. HOT YOGA. There’s nothing quite like sweating it all out in a good down dog!

  2. Haha! That’s my detox too!! I’m doing a 90 minute class the day after Thanksgiving to work off all the pie and stuffing that I will inevitably eat.

  3. i was a workout fiend for awhile, and am just now getting motivated to hit the gym again.

    doesn’t it just make you feel better post drinking/eating binge?!?!?

  4. I’m the same way!! I need a crazy, sweaty workout after an indulgent weekend. Normally it’s STEP for me, but Spinning would do it, too! 🙂

  5. i wish my gym offered spin. i used to go to a gym that had the greatest instructor and when she left, i stopped spending the overpriced monthly fee to go to that gym. i miss it alot.. and the only Spinning shop in town isn’t very cheap. 😦

  6. I just return to my usual healthy eats to detox. Gym doesn’t hurt either!

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