Weddinged Out!

This past Friday marked our last wedding of the year. We always have a blast at weddings, but I have to admit I am happy to put my dancin’ shoes away for the rest of the season! This year we had more fall weddings than summer, do I sense a trend?

The ceremony was a quick one at Windows on the River, followed by delicious food, too many cocktails and plenty of dancing!

J & A

A & D

The party continued (completely necessary!) following the wedding at the Barley House. Surprisingly, I could function Saturday because I cleaned the entire house before having QT on our patio with my dear friends! A Lady Gaga party may or may not have ensued.

Since we didn’t get tickets to the Browns game on Sunday (my heart still hurts over this one), we changed things up and avoided the Pit at all costs and chose to attend a house party. I’m glad we did! Look at the projection TV! By my Foursqaure observations, it seemed like lots of Browns fans migrated to the Muni Lot Sunday. We sure showed them, suckers! 😉

Anyone notice how much time ESPN spent on the game and the story of Rex and Ryan?

I think it’s safe to say Braylon Edwards is the #2 most hated athlete in Cleveland, so I did my due diligence as a fan…

Butterfinger anyone?

Also, if you see this Browns fan wandering around your neighborhood, RUN!! 🙂

I am really looking forward to a relaxing week, I wonder if that will really happen…


One response to “Weddinged Out!

  1. You and the man look like supermodels! Cute!

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