Girls night out: Blogger Beauty Sale

Wednesday night was just what the doctor ordered: Girls night out at a Blogger Beauty Sale! I adore the BF, but all the testosterone that accompanies renovations can overwhelm me at times: jackhammering, tiling, smoking, sanding, drinking, etc.

I was extremely excited when Michelle from All Lacquered Up (the primo nail polish site) invited a dozen or so bloggers, (including little ol’ me!) to her house for her Blogger Beauty Sale. I remember drooling reading about the event on Alexa and Allison’s blogs last year.

Since Michelle lives on the eastside, which is foreign territory to me, I basically invited myself to ride with Heather and Allison. Thankfully, they weren’t too creeped out and let me tag along ;). I’m glad they did because we all got along wonderfully!

We finally meet! And no, we didn't plan matching outfits! (Thanks for the pic, Heather!)

Upon arriving (may or may not have gotten *lost* 4 times), we wined and dined with some other Cleveland bloggies before Michelle unleashed the hounds…er, let us downstairs to have at all her excess beauty goods!

I got my paws on some awesome products:

Instead of costing me $70-$80, all these goods only cost me $25! Not only was it a enjoyable night with some awesome chicas, all the profits were donated to Living Beyond Breast Cancer!

All in all a great night! Thanks for hosting us, Michelle!


4 responses to “Girls night out: Blogger Beauty Sale

  1. YAY! It was so much fun and I’m so glad you rode with us (although I hope I didn’t drive you nuts with my crazy backseat driving!) 🙂

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  3. It was a fun night – great finally hanging out with you!! Let’s make a habit of it…. 🙂

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