Positive progress!

Back in August I told you about our renovation surprise. It’s been a looong few months, but we are (finally!!) making progress. The shower floor is in, self-leveling concrete has been poured, coils for the heated floors are installed.

I will wait to post photos until we are 100% done – hoping a month or so (I have high hopes!). Then it’s onto the kitchen (which will make for a long fun spring!)

Since we had to gut the bathroom, I want to carry the *new* feeling into the bedroom. Problem is I’ll have to do this for next-to-nothing ($$). I have confidence in myself that I can cut corners and rehab the room without breaking the bank. Which brings me to the point of this post: Where do you shop or visit online for creative home inspiration?

Of course I drool over the Pottery Barn mags and emails I receive, but that is obviously waaaay over the budget. Last week I purchased the Living Social deal of the day which was a Canvas Pop coupon. I hope to find a photo in my collection I can use to hang over the bed.

I’m thinking something calming and simple. I know the BF likes neutrals, so I’ll probably have to achieve a pop of colors from pillows, pictures, etc. The renovations have not helped my already crazy obsession with HGTV! I’m currently all over the place bookmarking various images and pages on ikea.com, hgtv.com, Fine Living among many others!

If you know of any sites or stores that offer low prices and large imaginations, please share!


5 responses to “Positive progress!

  1. check out http://www.sweethomestyle.tumblr.com
    the format is a little screwy at times, but the images will make you drool 🙂

  2. You can find some really neat stuff on Etsy (http://www.etsy.com). I found my family room focal design point there: http://www.poiseinparma.com/2010/08/26/the-great-paint-of-2010/

  3. now you’re helping me! i need these sites 🙂

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