A Browns win and the Pit fail

How incredible does it feel to be a Browns fan today?! Not only did we beat the defending Super Bowl champs two weeks ago, we shut down Tom Brady and the Pats on Sunday! Monday mornings are almost enjoyable after the past two inspiring W’s – I love my Brownies!

There was one thing that almost ruined my Sunday (almost!) though. As we walked towards the W. 9th entrance of the Pit, we we’re rudely told we needed to pony up $5 a person for the ‘pedestrian fee.’ I told the attendant that we were just ‘walking through’ (which was a lie :P). He said he didn’t care and we needed to pay. Well, we didn’t have any cash (and I had Cabela). So the BF had to run to Constantino’s so we could meet up with our friends that we’re already set up in the Pit.

I knew this was an issue a month ago. It was covered by The Plain Dealer, 19 Action news and a plethora of local bloggers. What was the headline on cleveland.com October 6? ‘Downtown Cleveland parking lot ceases to charge for walk-through.’ Well, that wasn’t the case.

What really angers me about this insane policy is how incredibly rude the parking attendants were. I am well aware of the fact that they have to deal with drunk and angry passersby all morning, but having a major chip on your shoulder will only make those people heckle you more. It’s not about the money. $5 is the least of my worries when I am tailgating because it’s definitely not a cheap hobby. Not only are they charging pedestrians to tailgate in their parking lot, they are not allowing cars to use vacant spots without paying an outrageous $30 car fee and they are also blocking off gigantic areas of concrete that could be the perfect play zone for the partiers. And come on, you know they are pocketing some of this cash. There is no way in Hell you can monitor the pedestrians in the lot.

We bit the bullet and paid the fee. We had a great time, but I will absolutely be rethinking my pre-game routine this Sunday.

Will you go back to the Pit?

Cabela's tailgating debut in 2009.

Cabela loves the attention she gets at the Pit!

Network parking, you blow.


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