Cleveland Metroparks: A true gem

Sometimes I think we (us Clevelanders) forget what an amazing city we live in. Sure, the snow can suck with a capital S, but we’re on the lake, we have beautiful rivers and (some!) waterfalls, breathtaking scenery in the fall and the Cleveland Metroparks (among a sleuth of other things)!

We love taking the pooch to the Rocky River Reservation branch of the Metroparks once summer is only a memory. She can run up the hills, splash in the river and sniff as many other dogs as her little heart desires! Maybe we are supposed to keep her on the leash while we’re there, but finding a remote area with no other walkers, runners or hikers lends us to bend the rules a bit. 😛

Last year Cabela was only 4 months (or so) old when we took her to the Metroparks. She absolutely loved it. She was horribly a bit timid around the water though.

My pup!

You're a can do it!

A fall trip to the Metroparks should be on everyone’s to-do list, even if you’re not the ‘outdoorsy’ type. The leaves, the trees, the running river…it’s all breathtaking.

Fall 2009

Fall 2010 (much better camera? hehe)

Over the past year, Cabela realized she was a water dog (it took longer than anticipated) so this year she was splish-splahin’ around – all while making me nervous by the running water…

And sprinting through the trails…

'hi!' and 'bye!'

Sorry, I may have the cutest black lab of all time.

As if this dog wasn’t tired enough, it was off to the Lakewood Dog Park (which is near the Lakewood entrance of the Rocky River Metroparks) for some more butt-sniffing exercise!


What are your favorite things about Cleveland in the fall? I can name a few…Christmas Ale may or may not be at the top of my list! 🙂


3 responses to “Cleveland Metroparks: A true gem

  1. Isn’t it amazing how much they grow in a year?!

    I’m with you on the Metroparks in the fall. We love heading out to Hinckley to hike Whipps Ledges. On the way back, we stop at an apple farm on State Road and pick apples with the pup! I also love making apple cake after that trip!

  2. We LOVE the metroparks, too – we’re there all the time!

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