Procrastination at its finest!

A few weeks ago we were invited to a friend’s Halloween party. I avoided getting a costume together at all costs. I too busy prepping for this to spend some QT crafting an outfit!

Well, 8 pm rolled around and it was time to party. In a weak attempt to be festive, I decided to be Joel (Tom Cruise) from Risky Business. The BF was a ‘break dancer.’

Break dancing...(note the REAL bear skin rug)

The hosts put on a fab party and pulled off an amazing Dog the Bounty Hunter and Beth…

Dog and Beth: The host and hostess

Of course Jersey Shore was one of this year’s hot costumes. The Snooki at our party was in character all night and it was hilarious! ‘It’s t-shiiirrrrt time!’

In the end, I had a great time but wish I would have pulled something off more like this from 2 years ago…

'I kiiiiiiiick and I strreeeeeeeetch!'

How was your Halloweenie weekend?? 😛


One response to “Procrastination at its finest!

  1. Lol – I love the “I’m 50 yrs old!” costume! Classic.

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