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A cute pup!

I recently created a Vimeo account and was playing around with some old puppy videos. Look at this cute lil booger of mine! Puppies = instant smiles.

Cabela: The young months! from Alana Munro on Vimeo.

Might not be the best quality, but put a smile on my face and hope it puts on one yours! Puppies can Continue reading


Hello, world.

The past 5 days were just what the doctor ordered. I took a well-deserved break from the internet, blogs, Twitter, Foursquare, Facebook, etc. I neglected my own blog, but life will go on. Sometimes real-life gets in the way (and I loved every minute of it!).

I got everything in I needed this weekend: QT with my girlfriends, sweatpants, couch time, puppy cuddles, turkey, shopping, the Browns game and a gourd toss. Really, we partook in the annual ‘Shenanigans’ party which included a pumpkin toss.

Look out below!

I have some exciting news to share later this week, I can’t wait!

How was your long weekend? Do you ever take a vacation from technology?

Snolympics: The best kind of Snow Day

Tuesday I was lucky enough to be invited to the Indians Snow Days Media Day. Not only could I tube down the Batterhorn, skate around the Frozen Mile and frolic in the fake snow, I participated in the Cleveland Snolympics!

Basically all the Cleveland media outlets (TV, radio & internet) competed in a 4-legged race! It was a tad disorganized, but it was meant to be fun. After my coworker slid down the Batterhorn, I ran a 20 yard dash (in boots mind you) and then 2 other ice skated their way to the finish line.

The TV guys were quite competitive.

The Batterhorn. This was went faster than you'd think.

Onion, my boss, ketchup, you know who, mustard & Julie!

This is such a creative idea at Progressive Field, I feel so fortunate to have gotten a sneak peak. If you have kids, take them, they will love it! Even if you don’t have kids, this provides some adult fun, too! They have typical ballpark fare along with healthier options such as salads and turkey sandwiches. Beer is also available for purchase 🙂

General Admission: $5 (Provides access to Slider’s Snow Mountain, Winter Haven, Food/Beverage and all other Indians Snow Days activities with the exception of snow tubing and ice skating)
Frozen Mile (Ice Skating): $10 (Unlimited ice skating, including skate rental and General Admission access)
Batterhorn (Snow Tubing), presented by RTA: $20 (Two hour Batterhorn session and General Admission access)
Batterhorn/Frozen Mile Combo: $25 (Two hour Batterhorn session, unlimited Frozen Mile access including skate rental and General Admission access)
Family Pack: $100 (Two Adults and Two Children can enjoy a two hour Batterhorn session, unlimited Frozen Mile access including skate rental, General Admission and Food/Beverage credit)
***Please note- Children under three years old are free but not permitted on the Batterhorn.

Tip: Make sure you dress appropriately! I pulled a major ameatuer move by not bundling up. When I left the house Tuesday morning it was 58 degrees! Regardless of the outside temp, the snow and ice absolutely cool down Progressive Field. Pack mittens, scarves and hats!

Want to take a ride down the Batterhorn? Join me 😛 (Don’t mind the horrible camera angles, my thumb and my boots!)

A John Deere and power blowers – who am I?

Saturday was the epitome of productivity in our household. Not only did we get rid of every leaf on the property (OK, maybe not every single one), we the guys started tiling the shower! Tacking the pool of leaves in the front and back yards has been on the bottom of our to-do list. Not only have renovations taken front seat, but we are limited to sunny hours to get outside to rake (thanks, day light savings time!).

Knowing we had quite the task in front of us, one of our loving family friends lent us this bad @ss for the weekend:

THE ultimate tractor.

This bad boy saved us (I’m guessing) 5 hours of work. All Dean had to do was drive over the leaves and voila! The John Deere turned the leaves into mulch. I was so thankful to not spend my entire day raking!

While Dean was whizzing around the neighborhood on the John Deere (he was giddy on this thing), I got to play with power tools (or a blower ;))!

This was fun.

Now our yard is freshly primped and Cabela isn’t sniffing around searching for actual grass to do her business on!

Much better


I think we might have to steal this incredible machine each fall!

Raking happens to be up there with vacuuming…I HATE those chores. I did learn though that using a backpack blower is fun! What chores do you loathe?

Headphone Heaven!

I FINALLY found a pair of headphones that I’m actually impressed with (bonus: they didn’t break the bank!). It’s been months since my last ‘work out’ pair of ‘phones died on me. By the way, all the comments and suggestions we’re greatly appreciated :). Since August, I’ve been unhappily getting by using old Dell buds. I was constantly holding them in my ear on runs and on the dreadmill. Those days are over!

Found at Target!

These suckers are adjustable, come with extra ear buds to accomodate smaller or larger ears and have a touch of ‘stick’ to them so they don’t slip out once the swear starts a flowin’. They are even waterproof which means they can be cleaned! The sound is loud and clear blaring out of my iPod Touch, too (minor detail, right??)

It was a long wait, but it was worth it! Just in time for those snowy runs….yuck.

What is the one thing you need to have a enjoyable workout?

The best detox around

After a long weekend of imbibing a few too many glasses of wine or indulging a bit too much on the football buffett, I always need a great workout to get myself back in gear. While lifting weights or going for a jog is always good for the soul, I know how to drain the toxins out of my pores!

60 minutes on one of these suckers…

It might not always be enjoyable, but holy sweat! I try to get in one to two spin classes a week at Fitworks. Our branch just got some new bikes, too!

It’s always nice to get a kick start to getting back on the ‘healthy track’ by sweating out all the weekend’s poison! How do you ‘detox’ after a long weekend?

Weddinged Out!

This past Friday marked our last wedding of the year. We always have a blast at weddings, but I have to admit I am happy to put my dancin’ shoes away for the rest of the season! This year we had more fall weddings than summer, do I sense a trend?

The ceremony was a quick one at Windows on the River, followed by delicious food, too many cocktails and plenty of dancing!

J & A

A & D

The party continued (completely necessary!) following the wedding at the Barley House. Surprisingly, I could function Saturday because I cleaned the entire house before having QT on our patio with my dear friends! A Lady Gaga party may or may not have ensued.

Since we didn’t get tickets to the Browns game on Sunday (my heart still hurts over this one), we changed things up and avoided the Pit at all costs and chose to attend a house party. I’m glad we did! Look at the projection TV! By my Foursqaure observations, it seemed like lots of Browns fans migrated to the Muni Lot Sunday. We sure showed them, suckers! 😉

Anyone notice how much time ESPN spent on the game and the story of Rex and Ryan?

I think it’s safe to say Braylon Edwards is the #2 most hated athlete in Cleveland, so I did my due diligence as a fan…

Butterfinger anyone?

Also, if you see this Browns fan wandering around your neighborhood, RUN!! 🙂

I am really looking forward to a relaxing week, I wonder if that will really happen…