Let’s have a laugh at my expense, ok?

Each week The Plain Dealer picks high school student-athletes that have recently excelled in their sport at coin them ‘The Players of the Week.’ These athletes used to be covered in TLR (The Locker Room) section of the paper, however due to crappy times for newspapers everywhere, they are now highlighted in the Sports section.

Today I was covering for a co-worker who is a new dad (!!!) and was to make this week’s said ‘Players of the Week’ photo gallery. Way to go, students!

Curiosity got the best of me..I just had to punch my name into The Plain Dealer photo archives.

What did I find? A 17-year old soccer Player of the Week. We all had a good laugh at the office….


Look at all those earrings…SMH!


4 responses to “Let’s have a laugh at my expense, ok?

  1. OMG – you are soooo cute! And your face looks kind of round, with cheeks just waiting to be pinched by a grandma! Are you going to reveal what year this was? LOL 🙂

  2. That’s a good one!! 😉

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