Must. Stop. Now.

I haven’t been very productive during my non-working hours for the past week or so. All of my free time is spent scouring the interwebs here:,,, and many others I ultimately get sucked into.

What am I looking for? Pristine beaches, clear waters, rum cocktails…

Obviously, I am searching for an affordable vacation for the BF and I. We have a mini ‘vacation fund’ that we’re hoping to get the most out of when were buried in snow in this winter. The problem is, I can’t find anything that is less than $1000 per person (we want all inclusive).

This is where I want to be in February:

Not here:

Feb. 14, 2010 in Cleveland.

Is it better to shop online or go to a travel agent?

Anyone have any secret sites or deals they want to share?! Pleeeeease?


7 responses to “Must. Stop. Now.

  1. There’s nothing like a beach vacation while it’s snowing here in the CLE. This makes me want to start searching myself!

    You’ve already got all the good ones, but is good for user reviews. If you are flexible on dates, can be decent for deals.

  2. Good luck with your search! I always leave the planning up to Jay – I can’t handle it. I found our honeymoon place, but made him make all the arrangements! Ha!

  3. Try Apple vacations, if you haven’t already. My wife and I used them a couple of years ago to visit the Dominican Republic for about the price you’re looking for.

  4. I’ve actually been caught up doing the same thing. We’re looking for an all-inclusive for March and will most likely end up in Cancun again since it seems to be the least expensive. A friend referred me to where travel agents compete to get your business. They’ve used the sister site,, and successfully booked great deals on cruises. It’s worth a try.

  5. Have you checked out I love the website to book hotels/vacations/cars. Also, are you a member of, which is part of If not, email me and I’ll invite you!

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