The Ann Arbor wedding weekend

Boy am I tired! After a fantastic wedding weekend in Ann Arbor, I am yearning for yet another break from my 3-day weekend! I must relax this week! (Why didn’t I take Monday off?!)

The ride up to MI was not too bad, only 2 1/2 hours. Once we settled in at the hotel, we kicked off the wedding festivites with a drawn out rehearsal (insert crazy church wedding planner) followed by a delcious dinner at Paesano’s!

The bride (L) and her hometown bridesmaids!

After many bottles of red and white were consumed, it was time to continue the party on campus. This is where we danced, drank and met up with all the family and friends that were already in town.

Love this lady.

We may have set our curfew for midnight, but we stumbled home at 1 a.m. 😉 Our 7:30 wakeup call quickly came and it was time for hair and makeup!

My friends should be models.

The morning was relaxing (we did have mimosas after all) and we happily headed to the church, changed and got yelled at by crazy church lady for drinking champagne.

Can you tell that the lovely couple met at U of M?

Foxy lady!

The ceremony was perfect. The church was gorgeous and the pews were full. The pastor was effiecent and we were walking back down the aisle after only about 20 minutes (I’m sure our dates were happy about the quick ceremony!)

It was then off to the trolley to hop around campus for photos. The guys did their job well because there was cold beer and champagne waiting for us!

I know I’ll catch some flack, but I have to admit that the University of Michigan was impressive. The brick buildings lined with the fall trees was the perfect backdrop for Al and the Dr.’s wedding photos….I can’t wait to see them!

The church and the reception were on campus which was so very fitting for the couple.

As the night went on, my camera hung out in my purse which must mean I was having far too much fun on the dance floor!

CP and JChups!

The only decent photo we took together! xo.

Quite the weekend! I was so honored to be included in such a lovely wedding. Now, I am left with the sorest calves of all time. I can barely walk, no joke. Apparently, I should have taken my heels off when I was cutting loose on the dance floor!

To top it all off, the Brownies beat the Saints down in ‘Nawlins!!!! If I wasn’t in Ann Arbor all weekend, I would have been getting crazy on Bourbon Street! Can’t wait to hear my friend’s stories…

Where have you traveled to for a wedding and ended up loving the city? (Don’t worry, I am still a Buckeyes fan :))


5 responses to “The Ann Arbor wedding weekend

  1. All you girls are so GORG!!!

    I hate admitting it, but we went to this wedding in Pittsburgh that was beautiful (the church was at the top of a cliff). My husband’s from Pgh, though, so I never told him what I thought, otherwise I’d never hear the end of it and how we should move there.

  2. Did you dance to Lady Gaga at all? That’s why I wouldn’t have taken any pictures but the BF would’ve snapped plenty.

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