It’s rough being a girl

Friday we leave for Ann Arbor to celebrate my great friend Al’s love she shares with her college sweetheart, the hillbilly doctor. This is a weekend I’ve been looking forward to since they set their wedding date and included me in the wedding! Perparing for Al’s big day have been oh, so taxing…

It began last weekend when I had to take a trip to visit my cousin for mane maintenance. Always so exhausting having your scalp massaged and hair blown out.

What was even worse was the eyebrow wax that happened a few days later. Scalding wax being dripped then ripped on and off my face is tormenting.


The worse is yet to come. It was recommended that I get a manicure and a pedicure. The audacity! What sane woman enjoys their feet being rubbed, scrubbed and polished by someone else? Disgusting! 🙂

Just kidding!!!!

I am obsessed with getting pedicures (what girl isn’t?!), particularly at Venetian Nail Spa in Rocky River at Beachcliff. With all the miles I log, I consider it necessary! I’m not a manicure girl though. They never last more than 3 days and it’s not like I’m a lumberjack – I type all day!

I’ve been wondering if I am I the only crazy lady who loves getting their eyebrows waxed? I don’t think it hurts AT ALL. I actually enjoy it!

All joking aside, I can’t wait to see Als walk down the aisle and witness the couple say their ‘I do’s!’

I’ll be in Ann Arbor all weekend. Have you ever been there?

Have a great weekend….catch ya on Monday!


One response to “It’s rough being a girl

  1. Never been – so I can’t wait to see the pictures.

    I rarely get pedicures since I run so much. It hurts to run when they’re that soft! (sounds gross, I know)
    On the flip side, I LOVE mani’s – I just wish I got them more often.

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