It’s a jungle out there!

Seeing a deer in our neighborhood is almost a daily occurrence. All summer they minded their own business and noshed away at the bushes that lined the back of the yard. They stayed away from our garden, tomato & pepper plants and other foliage around the patio. It was probably because of our killer dog (hehe).

This, I can deal with.

As the weather began to change, so did our overpopulated friend. Now they feel comfortable to hang by the fire pit and just chill in the yard. Meanwhile, of course, our killer dog freaks out in the house. At first I forbid her to go outside and chase the gigantic deer. That was until they nibbled on our tomato plant. Game over, Bambi.

We have tended religiously to those plants and the green fruits are finally turning red! It was on. Cabela vs. the entire deer population. Each day I tried to record this battle but it was either too dark outside or my Flip Cam was not at home. I am proud to say Cabela won. She would bolt out of the yard, fur standing on end and bark those deer back to the woods. I was a proud mom when this happened because she only protected the perimeter of our yard!

Go away! (AP Photo)

Deer aren’t the only thing we have to worry about though. Our next door neighbor has warned me that he has seen a coyote all summer. I saw (hopefully) the same coyote as I pulled off I-90 one day. Talk about an ugly, scrappy looking animal. I can only hope that this guy stays our of our backyard because our killer may not be so tough anymore.

More recently, we have been seeing red foxes everywhere! Within five minutes on Friday, we saw two red foxes within a mile or so of our house.

Sorry, you are not cute.

The deer never really bothered me, they have become part of the neighborhood! The coyote and foxes on the other hand make me a tad uneasy. Mostly the coyote. Go back to where you came from (unless that happened to be our backyard!).

Do you see a lot of wildlife in your ‘hood?


3 responses to “It’s a jungle out there!

  1. Lol – where the heck do you live?? The only time I see deer is when I’m in the metroparks…. 🙂

  2. I live in country south of Canton and yes the wildlife, Deer and damn Wild Turkey’s. Unfortunately not in a bottle. 🙂 Got a couple deer with car last three winters. Wife told neighbor don’t kill deer on our property. That is till they started eating the Rose of Sheriden buds and garden stuff. Now it is be my guest. and our dog, Cleopatra want the Turkeys in a bad way.

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