Hankerin’ for some ice cream

I love me some ice cream. For reals. Mitchell’s is my all time fav, but it isn’t kind to the waistline. I’ve tried it all: low-fat, fat free, low-sugar, slender, churned (probably the closest to the real deal), yogurt, and more in an attempt to satisfy my sweet tooth in a somewhat healthy manner. I sheepishly can admit that I practice no control whatsoever when it comes to portion control. A 1/2 a cup serving? OK, I’ll have 3! Oink, oink!

In my quest for the perfect frozen delight, I stumbled upon these cups of deliciousness!

For a measly 150 calories and 2 grams of fat Skinny Cow offers individual cups that hit the sweet spot. I’d have to say my favorite is the caramel cup. The trick is to only eat ONE!!!!

What is your favorite dessert?


One response to “Hankerin’ for some ice cream

  1. I’m with you sister. I have absolutely NO CONTROL when it comes to ice cream (and my waistline shows it!).

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