Road trip!

For a few weeks now I’ve been meaning to get some freshly picked apples, pumpkins, cornstalks and other fall yummies to decorate and transition our home from summer to fall. After much debating, I convinved Dean to accompany me here. It was a nice little road trip (about 40 minutes from Cleveland’s westside) that I hope we can make a tradition. If you have kids, take them there!

After we got plenty of these:

and these:

and some of these:

We headed back on the road.

About 10 minutes into our trip back home, we passed what one would call a ‘hole-in-the-wall’ bar. When I was in college, I loved hitting these bars after road trips to the Indian casinos. I said let’s stop for ‘a shot and a beer.’ Dean called my bluff and 2 minutes later we were sitting inside one of the coolest bars I’ve ever been in (think Dover Gardens meets ZZs).

There were about 5 Harley dudes and one dudette that were smoking inside the bar (ashtrays lined the bar and sat atop each table). Peanut shells adorned the floors and old school bar signs provided dim lighting. I would have taken a picture, but I already stuck out enough 🙂

Clearly, we weren’t there to get crazy, it’s just fun to check out places that you probably will never go into again! It was 4pm on a Saturday afternoon and a bud light was just what the doctor ordered. After making Dean do this, I thought I owed him a beer anyways.

Once we hopped back on the road, we spotted an antique/yard sale. We browsed around and both ended up hovering over old Elyria dairy wood crates. Oddly enough, we both blurted out at the same time: ‘Wine racks!’ Since we’re renovating, we’ve been discussing various ideas on where we will house our wine.

After some sanding and some finish, we plan to secure 3 or 4 of these on top of one another (sideways!).

Image grabbed from Flickr, but this is what our crates look like.

It was a perfect fall day in Cleveland! Just wish the Browns would have culminated the weekend with a win in Sunday (or at least kept a healthy QB!).

What do you love to do on road trips?


One response to “Road trip!

  1. Love those crates – good find!
    I love the local tiny markets on the side of the road. Those and local mom & pop restaurants are my favorite!

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