I shook that weight!

A few months back I asked my tweeps if I was the only person who was intrigued by the Shake Weight. I have HLN (headline news) on my work television all day and the infomercial was played roughly 20 times a day. I just couldn’t get away from it!

About 8 of my twitter friends (all gals if my memory serves me right) said they were most definitely interested in the handheld weight.

I’m sure you are well aware of what the Shake Weight is, after all you can purchase it at Target, CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, etc., but if you’ve been living under a rock check out this hilarious SNL shake weight spoof:

I decided to take one for the twitter team and head to Target after work to pick up the $19.99 product. After all, I felt I owed it to all my followers who were just as curious as I was!

The BF thought I was nuts when he saw my recent purchase. Not only did he poke fun at me, but he couldn’t help but think the motion was a tad inappropriate. Note: This exercise is best done in the privacy of your own home!

So, what did I think of the Shake Weight? It’s actually a pretty clever idea. You only need to shake the 2.5-pound weight for six minutes a day to tone your biceps, triceps, shoulders and chest. I tried to use the shake weight daily, but since I lift weights at the gym and in Group Power (this cool chic teaches!) classes, I averaged 4-5 times a week.

My normal routine would be to run 4-5 miles then come home, stretch and shake the weight on the back patio for 6 minutes while my dog tried to figure out what the Hell I was doing. I didn’t notice much change in my arms after two months, but I wouldn’t discount the infomercial ware. If you loathe lifting weights and tend to not make it to the gym much, this product will work! I beleive it is targeted at women who are looking to begin an arm workout regiment.

Have I continued using the product? Yes, until the BF found it in two pieces in the backyard. WTF. Since I used it on the patio, I usually left it outside on our patio furniture. How did it get to the backyard and end up in two pieces? I have a theory that doesn’t involve Cabela taking it there and chewing it up – a) there are no bite marks anywhere, b) she never played with the weight in the first place and c) I don’t think she is strong enough to break the Shake Weight!

I am no conspiracy theorist, however I have my thoughts on this. I won’t be shelling out another $20 but I would still use it if it were in one healthy piece!

Have you ever bought something after seeing it on an informercial?


2 responses to “I shook that weight!

  1. Alana, this is one of the best blog titles I’ve seen – LOVE IT.
    Jay and I love that Saturday night live skit.
    You’re brave, I would be too chicken to actually purchase the Shake Weight!! (and thanks for the shout out) 🙂

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