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Trick or Treat!

Happy halloween bloggies!!

Cabela had a busy Halloween morning in the metroparks!

Now it’s t-shirt time! I mean costume time πŸ™‚

Did you dress up? I ended up putting something together last minute…fill ya in tomorrow!


Let’s have a laugh at my expense, ok?

Each week The Plain Dealer picks high school student-athletes that have recently excelled in their sport at coin them ‘The Players of the Week.’ These athletes used to be covered in TLR (The Locker Room) section of the paper, however due to crappy times for newspapers everywhere, they are now highlighted in the Sports section.

Today I was covering for a co-worker who is a new dad (!!!) and was to make this week’s said ‘Players of the Week’ photo gallery. Way to go, students!

Curiosity got the best of me..I just had to punch my name into The Plain Dealer photo archives.

What did I find? A 17-year old soccer Player of the Week. We all had a good laugh at the office….


Look at all those earrings…SMH!

Must. Stop.Β Now.

I haven’t been very productive during my non-working hours for the past week or so. All of my free time is spent scouring the interwebs here:,,, and many others I ultimately get sucked into.

What am I looking for? Pristine beaches, clear waters, rum cocktails…

Obviously, I am searching for an affordable vacation for the BF and I. We have a mini ‘vacation fund’ that we’re hoping to get the most out of when were buried in snow in this winter. The problem is, I can’t find anything that is less than $1000 per person (we want all inclusive).

This is where I want to be in February:

Not here:

Feb. 14, 2010 in Cleveland.

Is it better to shop online or go to a travel agent?

Anyone have any secret sites or deals they want to share?! Pleeeeease?

The Ann Arbor wedding weekend

Boy am I tired! After a fantastic wedding weekend in Ann Arbor, I am yearning for yet another break from my 3-day weekend! I must relax this week! (Why didn’t I take Monday off?!)

The ride up to MI was not too bad, only 2 1/2 hours. Once we settled in at the hotel, we kicked off the wedding festivites with a drawn out rehearsal (insert crazy church wedding planner) followed by a delcious dinner at Paesano’s!

The bride (L) and her hometown bridesmaids!

After many bottles of red and white were consumed, it was time to continue the party on campus. This is where we danced, drank and met up with all the family and friends that were already in town.

Love this lady.

We may have set our curfew for midnight, but we stumbled home at 1 a.m. πŸ˜‰ Our 7:30 wakeup call quickly came and it was time for hair and makeup!

My friends should be models.

The morning was relaxing (we did have mimosas after all) and we happily headed to the church, changed and got yelled at by crazy church lady for drinking champagne.

Can you tell that the lovely couple met at U of M?

Foxy lady!

The ceremony was perfect. The church was gorgeous and the pews were full. The pastor was effiecent and we were walking back down the aisle after only about 20 minutes (I’m sure our dates were happy about the quick ceremony!)

It was then off to the trolley to hop around campus for photos. The guys did their job well because there was cold beer and champagne waiting for us!

I know I’ll catch some flack, but I have to admit that the University of Michigan was impressive. The brick buildings lined with the fall trees was the perfect backdrop for Al and the Dr.’s wedding photos….I can’t wait to see them!

The church and the reception were on campus which was so very fitting for the couple.

As the night went on, my camera hung out in my purse which must mean I was having far too much fun on the dance floor!

CP and JChups!

The only decent photo we took together! xo.

Quite the weekend! I was so honored to be included in such a lovely wedding. Now, I am left with the sorest calves of all time. I can barely walk, no joke. Apparently, I should have taken my heels off when I was cutting loose on the dance floor!

To top it all off, the Brownies beat the Saints down in ‘Nawlins!!!! If I wasn’t in Ann Arbor all weekend, I would have been getting crazy on Bourbon Street! Can’t wait to hear my friend’s stories…

Where have you traveled to for a wedding and ended up loving the city? (Don’t worry, I am still a Buckeyes fan :))

It’s rough being a girl

Friday we leave for Ann Arbor to celebrate my great friend Al’s love she shares with her college sweetheart, the hillbilly doctor. This is a weekend I’ve been looking forward to since they set their wedding date and included me in the wedding! Perparing for Al’s big day have been oh, so taxing…

It began last weekend when I had to take a trip to visit my cousin for mane maintenance. Always so exhausting having your scalp massaged and hair blown out.

What was even worse was the eyebrow wax that happened a few days later. Scalding wax being dripped then ripped on and off my face is tormenting.


The worse is yet to come. It was recommended that I get a manicure and a pedicure. The audacity! What sane woman enjoys their feet being rubbed, scrubbed and polished by someone else? Disgusting! πŸ™‚

Just kidding!!!!

I am obsessed with getting pedicures (what girl isn’t?!), particularly at Venetian Nail Spa in Rocky River at Beachcliff. With all the miles I log, I consider it necessary! I’m not a manicure girl though. They never last more than 3 days and it’s not like I’m a lumberjack – I type all day!

I’ve been wondering if I am I the only crazy lady who loves getting their eyebrows waxed? I don’t think it hurts AT ALL. I actually enjoy it!

All joking aside, I can’t wait to see Als walk down the aisle and witness the couple say their ‘I do’s!’

I’ll be in Ann Arbor all weekend. Have you ever been there?

Have a great weekend….catch ya on Monday!

It’s a jungle out there!

Seeing a deer in our neighborhood is almost a daily occurrence. All summer they minded their own business and noshed away at the bushes that lined the back of the yard. They stayed away from our garden, tomato & pepper plants and other foliage around the patio. It was probably because of our killer dog (hehe).

This, I can deal with.

As the weather began to change, so did our overpopulated friend. Now they feel comfortable to hang by the fire pit and just chill in the yard. Meanwhile, of course, our killer dog freaks out in the house. At first I forbid her to go outside and chase the gigantic deer. That was until they nibbled on our tomato plant. Game over, Bambi.

We have tended religiously to those plants and the green fruits are finally turning red! It was on. Cabela vs. the entire deer population. Each day I tried to record this battle but it was either too dark outside or my Flip Cam was not at home. I am proud to say Cabela won. She would bolt out of the yard, fur standing on end and bark those deer back to the woods. I was a proud mom when this happened because she only protected the perimeter of our yard!

Go away! (AP Photo)

Deer aren’t the only thing we have to worry about though. Our next door neighbor has warned me that he has seen a coyote all summer. I saw (hopefully) the same coyote as I pulled off I-90 one day. Talk about an ugly, scrappy looking animal. I can only hope that this guy stays our of our backyard because our killer may not be so tough anymore.

More recently, we have been seeing red foxes everywhere! Within five minutes on Friday, we saw two red foxes within a mile or so of our house.

Sorry, you are not cute.

The deer never really bothered me, they have become part of the neighborhood! The coyote and foxes on the other hand make me a tad uneasy. Mostly the coyote. Go back to where you came from (unless that happened to be our backyard!).

Do you see a lot of wildlife in your ‘hood?

A weekend from the weekend…

On Friday I mentioned how much I was looking forward to a relaxing weekend. My weekend was many things but relaxing was not one of them!

It all started Friday when we decided to check out one of Lakewood’s newest restaurant/bars, Deagan’s Kitchen, for dinner. If you are familiar with the area, it is in the space that once housed Cleats and Crazy Ritas. Deagan’s was refreshing because it is one of few bars in Lakewood that (thankfully/finally!) are not targeted at college kids and fake-id carrying customers.

After we were told the wait for a table was 45 minutes, we opted to enjoy dinner while sitting at the bar. Dean and I have quite the (unhealthy) obsession with chicken wings so we easily ordered some as an appetizer. They were flavorful but perhaps too saucy. I can easily admit that we are wing snobs. πŸ™‚

Since I had a late lunch, I only ordered the small plate eggplant parmesan and Dean indulged in the duck confit mac and cheese. My mini-meal hit the spot while Dean struggled to consume half his bowl of creamy decadence. Of course I snuck in a few bites and it was Heavenly!

We agreed we enjoyed the meal and the space so we will be back! We even ran into a few tweeps, hi Jason and Narm!

Saturday I got my hairs did and my cousin convinced me to get the Keratin treatment – so I booked my appointment to come back to see her in 2 weeks. I am beyond excited however I am still waiting to tell the BF he needs to say buh-bye to my curls.

Cabela meets the lobster. This is after I was chased around after the rubberbands were taken off the claws πŸ™‚

Since Heinen’s was having a sale, J and Dean convinced us girls that it was a perfect night to have a ‘lobster and clam bake.’ I have to admit that they were right! What was supposed to be a casual evening in the garage with some close friends ended up in a Lady Gaga dance party on my coffee table with MMR (hey, my best friend is only home every couple months!). She also decided she was going to come home to go to Gaga with me – we are currently masterminding our little monster outfits.

My dad feeding Cabela corn on the cob. Ozzy came over and had some, too!

After lobsters were had by all, it was time for out first bonfire of the season. It’s kind of sad we haven’t had any bonfires in the backyard yet, but renovations have taken priority.

MMR and I stayed up until 3 a.m.! I can’t remember the last time I did that…maybe it’s a good thing we commiserate only a few times a year!

My dance partner!

Once Sunday rolled around you would think I would be pooped out. For some odd reason I thought it was be a brilliant idea to meet Napes out for the Browns game. So Malloy’s it was…enter more chicken wings and beer!

Colt McCoy showed some promise but James Harrison single-‘helmeted’ Cribbs and Mo Mass outta the game…the second half was ugly so we drowned our sorrows with tall bud lights.

Can I press rewind and have my weekend back?! Sometimes ya just need QT with your friends…the laundry and chores will be waiting for me at home tonight πŸ˜‰ At least I managed to get a run in on Saturday…I know I sure needed it!

Good luck this week, friends. Glad that I only have a 4-day work week since I will be in my first wedding of all time this weekend! I can’t wait to see all my lovlies!

How was your weekend??