What up, Cleve?

For me it’s easy to love Cleveland. My family is here, I have a job I love, we have delicious restaurants, Lake Erie provides a summer full of fun, the Browns play 16 games a year (hey, at least we have a team), traffic is non-existent, one of the biggest (and best) orchestras in the country plays at Severance Hall and many others things I’m omitting for sake of space.

However, it’s just as easy to get frustrated with the town I call home. **Almost all, yes ALL, of my friends have ran fast and far from Cleveland :(. From Charleston to Chicago to Grand Rapids to Phoenix, my friends are displaced all across the county. It’s mostly a bummer for me, but I do have the luxury of visiting many of them each year. Which brings me to the point of this post.

IUPUI won! The lil bro and his adorable gf.

The canal which was dyed green happens to be behind my bro's awesome apartment.

Last weekend, my mom and I took a last minute road trip to Indianapolis to see my little brother play college soccer (and get some QT girl time in). The trip was quick but we had a blast. This wasn’t my first trip to Indy as it’s a popular destination for soccer tournaments. However, this past trip made me realize how great of a city Indiana’s capital is.

Soldiers and Sailors Monument.

A few of the memorable points include a canal that runs through the city which is dyed blue for the Colts, pink for breast cancer awareness and a sleuth of other colors for various runs, causes, etc., monuments and statues such as
The Soldiers and Sailors Monument and Harrison Statue at Monument Circle and a highly concentrated area of restaurants, bars & breweries.

Following dinner with the lil bro and his better half, my mom and I walked around the city stopping at Ram and Rock Bottom breweries for some tasty barley pops. Downtown Indy was bustling. Adults and kids filled the sidewalks as horse-drawn carriages and cabs lined the streets. This is something I could only wish for in Cleveland. Obviously easier said than done, I just yearn for this type of commotion on a weekend night in Ctown.

What do you wish you could change about Cleveland?

My pretty date for the night!

**These are my core friends from high school and growing up. I do have other friends, I swear 😉


11 responses to “What up, Cleve?

  1. Here’s why I want:

    1) Sports teams that don’t suck. Please.

    2) We have to lose the inferiority complex, quit this “HappyInCLE” statement of denial and actually make Downtown a bustling place.

    Would be nice to run everyone out of city hall and start anew there, as well. There’s too much political BS going on keeping truly good ideas from ever getting done.

  2. I wish our dowtown was more lively (like you said). It bums me out when I drive around in the evening and there’s not a single person on the streets!

  3. I agree. I love cleveland but get bummed out very often due to the sports teams, corruption, poverty, etc. I would love to make cleveland better, but it seems like a pretty daunting endeavor. i really think this city has the potential to be great, just like the chicagos that everyone flees to. just wish i knew how to start…

  4. Great question… the good thing is that there are many people who want to make the city better and appear to be willing to help work towards it. The problem is how to execute these desires….
    Perhaps the most empowering way would be thru some of the clubs and organizations which are out there and doing things – 20/30 Club, CLE Social Media Club, etc. and try and make events which will draw people into downtown and then in turn, perhaps the “powers that be” will recognize these Cleveland enthusiasts as a powerful constituency.

    But, what people also need to remember is that if people are making suggestions and discussing things they would like to see improved in Cleveland, that does NOT mean they are Anti-Cleveland! There’s nothing wrong with celebrating what IS good, but we should not get complacent and think that this is as good as it can get. We SHOULD look at other cities and raise the bar here for life, work and culture! If we don’t think we can do better, we’ll never strive for that higher level.

    There is a difference between Cleveland-bashing and Cleveland-building. Both can be painful, but one is a form of *growing* pains!

  5. It is like a ghost town on weekends with the exception of crowded W.6th on Saturday night.

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