We love to celebrate!

Who doesn’t love to celebrate? Who doesn’t love to celebrate with a lobster meal? I certainly think celebrating with lobster is the best way to celebrate! 🙂

Sunday was the BF’s bro’s birthday so we, of course, celebrated with you guessed it – lobsters! And clams. And cheesy taters. And ice cream cake. And wine! Oh how I love birthdays!

Happy birthday, Dave (on the right).

They weren’t just any lobsters either, they were 2-pound live lobsters! It was a fun evening – rustic style in the garage.

I think Deano is a little jealous his big brother’s birthday falls during clam season (Dean’s favorite season), however, he still gets to reap all the deliciousness!

Hello there, pretties.

These lobsters we’re insanely big. I could barely finish the tail! It was a lovely meal that had a sweet ending – ice cream cake. For the past few years, I have been expected encouraged to make ice cream cake for all birthdays. I am not one who likes to disappoint, so I delivered a delectable end to the feast. Unfortunately, I couldn’t snap any photos because the cake was instantly devoured and slurped up! Feather. In. Cap.

The ice cream cake is a 3-day process that I will share with you one day!

What is your favorite way to celebrate?

Happy Monday (ugh)!


One response to “We love to celebrate!

  1. You guys definitely know how to celebrate!

    Our celebrations usually go on for days……food, drinks, food, drinks……. 🙂

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