A (final?) summer hurrah

Thursday’s record-breaking temps tempted me to make the most out of what may have been the final 90-degree day of 2010 in the Cleve. Luckily, I worked the early shift so I had a few hours in the afternoon to soak up the sun. Rather than my original plan to work out, I had a few beers at the marina and took what was probably my last sunset cruise on Lake Erie (sometimes ya gotta skip the gym and enjoy life!!).

{don’t mind my droid photos…}

The Lake was flat as glass, a perfect night to watch the sunset!

Johnny Vodka 🙂 and the Deano driftin' along.

A hazy sunset, but still a beautiful evening in CLE.

This girl is going to miss boating... 😦

Also going to miss seeing this.

Mostly going to miss hanging out at this amazeballs place.

Friday is supposed to be another scorcher. I believe we should all get these days off of work! Oh well..I know I’m looking forward to a sweaty outside run after work this afternoon.

What are you doing to enjoy these unseasonably hot days? I’m heading to Indy bright’n’early with my mama Saturday to visit my little bro play some college soccer (he learned everything he knows from me, of course :P). We’re also going to hop around the city Saturday night. Any peeps from the Indy out there? What should we do??

Happy Friday!


One response to “A (final?) summer hurrah

  1. I need to go on your boat!! I’d skip the gym, too! 🙂

    Have fun this weekend…….

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