At least tailgating is fun

The best tailgating day of the Browns season is hands down the home opener. It’s warm. The lots are packed. And most importantly, there’s hope for the Browns.

Instead of the anticipated 2-0 record going into week 3, the Browns are 0-2. Nothing a true Browns fan has never felt before. How many times do we have to say aloud, ‘I really thought this was going to be a pivotal season. We we’re going to be at least .500 this year!’ At this rate, we’re heading towards 0-10. We have an incredibly tough schedule ahead of us. SMH…

At least we had fun tailgating…

The Pit at 9am.

We got down and set up shop in The Pit by 9ish. We had to park on the hill and the lot was closed by 9:20. We sure did cut it close (If I had my druthers, we would have been there by 8 ;)). I was looking forward to hanging out with my friend who fled the CLE, among many others.

Meet dawgpndgirl 🙂

The BF and I share many friends, so a *gaggle* of us congregated along the tracks. Thanks to Mazzella, we had the largest cooler of all time, which was full of 300 beers (I didn’t capture a pic of – dang). I planned ahead and brought mimosas…mmmmmm 🙂

Some of the girls...

Some of the boys...

The view from our Dawg Pound seats...

Deaner's sad face.

I was bummed out by Cleveland ‘fans’ at the end of the Brownies loss. Obviously, the Browns played horrible in the second half, but the game was never out of reach. We were down by 2 freaking points. And 70% (obvs a guesstimation) of the stadium had vacated come second half. We had great upper Dawg Pound seats along the south rail, which offered the view of thousands of fans abandoning the stadium well before the 4th quarter began. These must have been the ‘fans’ that began tailgating Saturday night!!! 🙂

The outlook is dismal, but I’ll still be barkin’ each Sunday this season.


8 responses to “At least tailgating is fun

  1. I’d like a follow-up on how many of the girls are single.

  2. How fun! Do you have season tix? Let me know if you ever need to get rid of them for a game!

  3. Nice post! If my blog wasn’t broken, I’d add you to my blogroll. Will be fixed soon.

  4. we are thinking about tailgating for the Cincy game Oct. 3rd –
    any suggestions on a good lot and time to get down there –
    we have a 31 foot motor hoome
    thanks a bunch !

    • I love the Pit. That’s where I’ll be on Sunday! You’d need to get down there by 8 or so to ensure you would get enough spots for your motorhome.

      The Muni Lot can definitely accomodate a large RV too!!

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