Heinens: They just get it

In my humble opinion (for what it’s worth), I believe Heinen’s blows away their competition when it comes to social media presence. They get it. Unfortunately, many local business and restaurants just don’t. They may be catching on, however, Heinen’s takes the cake. Of course there’s always room for improvement and criticism, but Heinen’s is continually adapting on the roller coaster that is social media.

It’s easy enough to create a Twitter account, join foursquare and create a Facebook brand page. It’s a different thing to have a dedicated social media employee (Hi Liz!) who engages users, converses with fans and continually posts recipes, questions, giveaways and more.

Last year, the BF and I won 2 Viking cooking class vouchers courtesy of Heinen’s. If my memory serves me correctly, all I did to win this prize was post a comment on their Facebook page stating what my favorite thing about Heinen’s was (for me that’s, hands down, their customer service and friendliness). We certainly enjoyed our evening on the east side making Ruth’s Chris steak salad, bacon-wrapped shrimp and other yummies.

Alana M. would be me!

Most recently, I entered a contest via Facebook to win a basket of salt-free spices. Lucky me, I won! This is a truly great prize. I can’t wait to test out new spices and use old-favorites (that’s you, Mrs. Dash). On Friday night (bad blogger, no pics!) I made turkey ‘fiesta’ taco salad using red pepper flakes, granulated garlic, cilantro, cumin, freshly ground pepper and sriracha sauce. We did not miss the salt!

Look at all those salt-free spices! (Don't mind the plywood countertops! :))

I’m excited to try out new salt-free recipes considering we love our salt; we may or may not have a mason jar full of kosher salt roaming around the kitchen. What are your favorite low-sodium dishes? I’m currently browing the interwebs for some tasty recipes.

Thanks again to Heinens, you rock! Check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

**Note: This post is entirely my opinion. Heinens did not sponsor this post**


2 responses to “Heinens: They just get it

  1. I love Heinen’s too!
    Not sure I can provide any low sodium dishes – we’re a salt lovin household. I can’t help it – it’s too good! 🙂

  2. There’s no way around it, we love our salt too!

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