(An almost) Perfecto holiday weekend

I can’t help but post my own weekend recap this week. If Labor Day is the unofficial end to summer, I went out with a bang!

Those who made it for the induction. Lady Rockets! (I should have known we were playing Westlake and NOT worn green, whoops!)

It all started Friday evening when I went to the BHS football game. No, this is not how I tend to spend my Friday nights in the fall, but I was being inducted into the Bay High School Athletic Hall of Fame with some other awesome athletes. Way back in ’99, the girls soccer team won the first state title of all time! I was a bad ass left back, earning second-most minutes that season! Most of the girls have moved away from Cleveland 😦 but there was one girl that I reeeaaaally missed (we were called the ‘sophomore shits’ after all). Luckily, I got to wear her soccer pin for part of the night. The coolest part of it all? We are joining the ranks of Dave Zastudil and Brad Friedel!

Bye JChups! Cinci isn't that far...

Admittedly, I felt awkward being at the high school – not much has changed. The best way to take the ‘edge’ off was by a trip to the neighborhood watering hole, The Wood! We were biding farewell to yet another one of my friends leaving Cleveland. Seriously, I am so sick of saying goodbye! Cleveland has my heart, I wish my buddies felt the same.

BHS alum ready to party!

Saturday brought a hangover my dad and the bf working at the house all day. That left myself heading to a wedding with the Chupa brothers and CP. It was a quaint, beautiful wedding in a backyard that was accompanied by mulitple stops at The Wood: before the ceremony, pre-reception and post-reception. How I didn’t regain my mayorship is beyond me! Before we hit the bar post-reception, I needed to make a pitstop (literally two houses down from the reception) at a close family friend’s lamb roast. And yes, it happened to be the house where this man lives:bedpan collector who was on MTV News: Unfiltered.

Yes, this really did happen. We viewed the 'collection.'

Sunday was an annual family reunion (the Deaners) that included 60 (?) lamb chops (they’re Italian!) and tons of other food and drink. It was nice to see everyone and witness Dean attempt to eat 10 lamb chops. He claims he maxed out at 8, but I still think it was 7! After stuffing ourselves, we ‘relaxed’ on the boat for a few hours before throwing the towel in.

It's virtually impossible to capture the Blue Angels. The best part of the Air Show!

The fun wasn’t over yet. Labor Day weekend can’t go by without a trip to the Air Show so we headed down on Monday on the Sea Ray (the best way!). It ended up being a nice day as we celebrated a birthday on the boat! After the Blue Angels zipped by, it was time to pig out (again!) at the marina – we we’re *celebrating* after all. On the menu: clams, chicken, fried perch, corn, salad, cheesy taters, pierogi pasta, tomatoes, dessert. I guess it’s clambake season!

This is how you melt butter in a parking lot.

All in all, it was an excellent holiday weekend…..


Dean's Jeep was broken into 😦

We may live in a safe neighborhood, but punks will be punks. From what the cop said, this happens every night in the bubble. Strangely enough, they left the GPS but snagged an 80-gig iPod 😦 😦

Have you ever experienced a break-in? I know I shouldn’t be a crazy-lady and worry (the police say it’s a bunch of kids), but I can’t help but feel a bit uneasy in our home now!


7 responses to “(An almost) Perfecto holiday weekend

  1. Wow, what a horrible ending to such a great weekend! I’m so sorry!

  2. What a great weekend! I work with Dave Zastudil’s mom who is honestly – the NICEST woman you will ever meet! I’m with ya on friends leaving CLE – but CLE has my heart! We’ve got to make them into CLE lovers again! 🙂

    Sorry about Dean’s jeep – that is rotten! 😦 At least the didn’t take the GPS/ipod? 😦 Still a headache to deal with I’m sure!

    • What is with them fleeing the CLE?! Lame!

      I hope Z isn’t done with the Browns! I’ve tailgated with his fam before a Baltimore game (when he was playing for the Ravens) – super nice peeps!

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