Soaking up what’s left of summer

July 20 was a day I had been looking forward to for many months. It was the day that Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers were playing at Blossom Music Center. After the 2008 show, I knew I couldn’t miss this concert. Unfortunately, the band’s guitarist Mike Campbell was under strict doctor’s orders to get some rest due to heat recent exhaustion. After the initial disappointment wore off, I began to look forward to the rescheduled date, August 31.

Tom Petty...amazing!

Tuesday night’s show was solid, and I would never expect anything less from the Rock and Roll Hall of Famers. The band has been on tour all summer promoting their latest album, ‘Mojo,’ so I expected new tunes intermixed with the old. The balance between the chart-toppers and the fresh tunes kept the crowd engaged and the free spirits dancing all night long. Score!

The set list!

Once again, I was fortunate enough to get approval to shoot the first three songs. You know it’s an amazing start to a concert when you have 8 photographers jammin’ out in the photo pit!

Besides the hellacious drive to the show (why, Blossom, why can’t you figure the traffic out!?), it was a lovely evening for a classic rock show.

However, my mid-week fun wasn’t over quite yet. On Wednesday I was lucky enough to catch another Tribe game in the Tribe Social Deck. After running a contest for users to win a seat in the deck to hang out with some super cool peeps, we chose 7 lucky winners to play hooky with us!

L to R: Top- yours truly, @dan_labbe @denisep @leeamoran Front: @The_spivack @ThunderTreats @Henchmen @ClevelandJeff. Not pictured: @KasyCrabtree, @nicolaziady

Holy hotness! It was at least 115 degrees 95 degrees with no reprieve from a breeze or stray cloud, but it was a great group of tweeps and I’m so happy everyone came to hang out!

Oh yeah, the Indians lost to the White Sox 6-4 and Manny Ramirez was speaking English (as far as I could lip-read). Minor details 🙂 I love my job!

This is an appropriate lunch for a hot Cleveland day!

Yawn, I am tired and it’s not even Thursday! Not much time to recoup as the Browns play tomorrow and Friday is the beginning of the holiday weekend! No complaints here though 😉

What are you doing to enjoy the last days of summer? I know I am going to try to soak up some more sun!


2 responses to “Soaking up what’s left of summer

  1. Sounds like you had a great week. I’m just trying to spend as much time outdoors before the crazy winter Cleveland weather hits us!

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