Grilled pizza: A summertime fav

We all have those foods and beverages we love to eat and drink during certain seasons: Hot apple cider in the fall, homemade soup in the winter, a crisp summer salad, etc. For me, I love grilled pizzas in the summer among other things. It’s cheap, simple and fun to make.

Prepping ingredients. Don't mind our wood countertops (we're renovating!)

On most trips to Trader Joe’s during the warm months, I stock up on TJ’s wheat pizza dough (to the dismay of the bf) and TJ’s pizza sauce. We like to knead to dough out to make roughly 4 flatbreads. Since everyone likes pizza their own way, this makes pleasing bellies quite easy.

I like my pizza with a ridiculous amount of sauce, black olives, banana peppers and what other fresh veggies we have on hand. The bf on the other hand likes more cheese than sauce and always changes things up from BBQ chicken to Lou’s sausage on his pizza (which I always end up eating.)

An easy and delicious summer meal.

Since we were fresh out of sausage, he made garlic bread (it was amaze) and an onion and mozzarella pizza. As always, the pizzas were messy tasty. I hope we manage to grill some pizzas before we’re bundled up inside during hibernating months. Can’t it be summer forever??

What are your favorite seasonal foods?


4 responses to “Grilled pizza: A summertime fav

  1. I can’t wait for apple pie and apple crisp!!! Apple picking is da bomb. 🙂

    I still haven’t grilled a pizza. I have to get on that.

  2. Wow….pizza on the grill. Who woulda thought of that??? What a great idea! lol Alissa sent me the link to your blog….good job…funny! xo

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