Are there a good pair of headphones out there?

I love to run. I probably average about 17-20 miles per week. I couldn’t imagine a run with out my ipod. The sound of my heavy breathing, the cars driving by, dogs barking, all the typical noises that occur in any neighborhood are not on my ideal playlist. From The Rolling Stones to Lady Gaga to Kenny Chesney, my tunes are what keep me going the distance.

However, for the life of me, I cannot find a decent pair of headphones. The ipod buds that accompany every ipod purchase are a joke. They serve their purpose when I’m avoiding all human interaction at work jammin’ at my desk, but they don’t last in my ears as far as my walk down the driveway.

My current Nike headphones.

I tend to gawk at the $100 sport headphones when I’m in need of a new pair, but I am always fruga, picking out a pair I know will stay put in my ears, sweat and all (that are much cheaper). About 5 months ago, I purchased a pair of Nike headphones from Target that were about $35. On my Tuesday evening run, the right bud took a dump. I’ve made it two runs with one functioning ear bud and it’s driving me nuts. Call me crazy, but I need two evenly tuned working ear buds!

Here is my conundrum, do I splurge and buy a ‘high-quality’ pair of headphones or do I keep wasting my money every 5-9 months on a ‘mid-quality’ pair? I’m wary to spend the big bucks because I’m nervous they will also stop working after a few months. Does anyone have a pair of headphones they love? I am completely open to trying out a new pair! Please help!

End rant.


10 responses to “Are there a good pair of headphones out there?

  1. I don’t have a good answer – I like the buds that come with the iPod – and just bought a $5 pair to replace them 😉 I can completely get behind your running mentality – I HATE running without my ipod!

  2. I’ve been using the PortaPros by Koss for over a year now. They sound amazing! They are over your head, over your ear types. They fold into a circle for storage. While sounding amazing I have noticed that they also let a little ambient noise in from my surroundings making them a little safer to run with at lower to mid-range volumes. They are in the $30-$45 range and I think they are available at Best Buy or on Amazon. Here is the best part…they have a lifetime warranty!

  3. Hey! Check out the review I did on my blog:

    I love these!

  4. Hey, I swear by my Shure SE 110s. They’re noise-cancelling and come w/ foam or rubber earbuds in 3 sizes each. I purchased a pair a little less than year ago and the cold Cleveland wind took its toll on the cord and Shure replaced the whole set (1 yr. warranty). I don’t run a lot w/ them but they work great when I do. You can get SE 105s (cheaper) or SE 115s (more expensive) but if you’re using them a lot, the $99 or so is a good investment IMO. And they sound great to this music nerd.

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