Neighborhood besties

Shortly after Dean bought his first home, his best friend, J, purchased his own starter home with his wife. It was convenient for the guys to go to through such a monumental experience together. Simultaneously, they learned the ins-and-outs of home ownership. From J gutting his kitchen, to Dean buying his first riding lawnmower (unfortunately for Dean, it wasn’t a John Deere). What made things even more interesting was the house J bought was directly across the street from our ‘estate.’

Dean and J: Shirts off in club seats of the 2009 Browns home opener. That's just how they roll.

These guys love living so close to each other. How could they not? They drink beer in each other’s garages, share tools/lawnmowers/etc., put toilets in one another’s backyard, sneak cones on top of the other’s chimney…get the picture? I have to admit, it is fun having J (along with his off-the-wall antics) and his lady right across the street.

A few months ago the neighborhood happily welcomed Captain Max, J’s 6-month Black Lab/Great Dane mix pup. This dog is a sweetie rough and tough, he even wears a Harley Davidson collar! Cabela wasn’t wary at all, rather she tried to lick Captain Max to death on their first encounter. Thankfully, the Captain was just as friendly.

Max, left, and Cabela loving each other (or sniffing out a treat).

Fast forward one month: Cabela and Captain Max are now best doggy friends (it’s possible). They even have a best friends necklace. Every time Cabela sees Max out front she whines and gives me the ‘pleeeeeeeease let me go play with Captain’ eyes. Albeit cute, it can also be a major pain seeing as Cabela runs across the street every chance she gets.

One Saturday afternoon, J and Dean with the help of one of their caveman buddies, chopped down a tree in J’s frontyard. This was the perfect opportunity for Captain Max and Cabela to play while I enjoyed a cold beer. Chainsaws, dogs and beers…what a Saturday!

(Cabela is wearing the orange collar. Please ignore my puppy talk. It was the Bud Light Lime talking 😉 )

The neighborhood love is everywhere. Do you get along with your neighbors? We’re pretty lucky to live in such a dog-friendly and people-friendly ‘hood!


2 responses to “Neighborhood besties

  1. We live in a great neighborhood, but there aren’t any people our age on the street!!

    I LOVE that Harley collar – bad azz! 🙂

  2. Captain Max is most definitely BA!

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