I’m blogging

Hello, blogosphere! It’s been years since I’ve blogged on a personal level and I’ve decided to take the plunge into the ginormous blog world. While at ASU, I had a blog about the NFL Draft (NFLdraftMe), which was surprisingly popular. This blog, however, is most definitely not dedicated to the draft, rather random thoughts I decide to spew. Mostly, the banter you can expect to read from yours truly will have to do with one, some or none of the following: my dog, my friends and fam, eating & drinking, running/exercise, boating & fishing, Cleveland and the Browns.

I decided to start The Dawg’s Dish off what I like to call a ‘mid-year resolution.’ My New Year’s Resolution this year was more of a goal, to run the Cleveland Half Marathon. And I did! That was in May, actually the day before my 26th birthday. Anyhow, last week’s ‘Christmas in July’ festivities (yum…i luuurv Christmas Ale) got me to thinking about a new resolution or goal. For months, if not years, I’ve wanted to get blogging again and this was the little push I was seeking.

So, here I am! I hope someone out there enjoys this blog!


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